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A More Engaged Workforce Leads to Improved Recruiting and Retention

Employees that are more engaged with their work are naturally going to become more invested over time. This sense of connection to work makes it much more likely for someone to stick around. It also makes it more attractive to prospective employees when you’re working on recruitment efforts. 

Before your business experiences this sort of trickle-down effect, you’ll need to make sure you’re implementing the right practices to get your workforce engaged: 

·       Offer long-term incentives for employees who stay with the company for a certain number of years. 

·       Create an employee referral program where current employees can recommend qualified applicants for open positions.

·       Offer short-term rewards as recognition for current employees (or something similar that recognizes their work on a current, recurring basis).

To develop more strategies our Great Engagement: Engage and Mobilize Employees Training Program focuses on simple but powerful behaviours that will have maximum impact on a leader’s ability to engage his or her employees.

For more information and to register: 

Your organization may be eligible for funding through the Canada Job Grant program. Employers may be eligible to receive two-thirds of the training cost.