Is your business ready for the baby boomer leader retirements?

Canada is in one of the biggest demographic waves in the country’s history – the baby boomers have begun the transition into retirement.

How will the boomer retirements impact your business? What is at risk for your organization? Is your business ready for the leader transitions that will take place? What are the challenges that retiring and incoming leaders are facing with their transitions as they exit, enter or move into a leadership position?

Joining forces with Kathleen Ozmun, a Team Strategist, we conducted discovery research focusing on retiring and incoming Saskatoon leaders and their transitions as they exit, enter or move into a leadership position.

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Business Leader Transition Research Webinar

My colleague, Kathleen Ozmun, and I are looking forward to releasing our findings from our Business Leader Transition research.

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Why we struggle with the transition into a post-career life

Your retirement years should give you the best opportunities to rekindle old passions and discover new ones. However, research has shown that almost half of the people entering into retirement struggle with transitioning into a post-career life.

Why is this!?

  • Retirement is more than just finances

Although many pre-retirees are concerned about their finances, money isn’t the only thing on their minds. The impact of the non-financial issues like emotional, psychological and social factors plays a big role in your successful retirement.

  • Retirement is commonly an emotional time

Whether it’s missing the ‘comfort’ of a schedule, losing your identity or a sense of purpose, it’s common for people adjusting to retirement to experience a range of worries and fears.

What’s the solution? Plan ahead and manage your transition well. If you’re not sure where to start, sign up for my Power Up Your Retirement course! You’ll generate insights, gain clarity and create a game plan to discover your best path to a fulfilling retirement. Register now >


What’s Your Dream?

Remember when you made wishes as a kid?! Imagine one wish could be granted to you for retirement. What would you wish for?

Perhaps you wish to deepen certain friendships, discover a new passion, spend more time with those you love, or travel to places you’ve never seen before. Perhaps you are opening yourself to personal growth at a depth you’ve never had the chance to dive into before.

Whatever your wish, know that you have what it takes and every step you take in the direction of your dreams gets you one step closer to realization.

What’s your dream? Leave it in the comments!

5 Tips to Be Prepared for Retirement

Do you desire joy and a sense of purpose? Then the best thing you can do is prepare for the emotional and psychological impacts of your post-career life! Preparing for a purpose-filled retirement is not all about the money.

Here are 5 tips for making your transition a smooth one:

    1. Start thinking about your retirement 1-5 years in advance.
      If you’re going to be making big lifestyle changes like moving or travelling, your key to success is thinking it through well in advance.
    2. Think about what you want to do in retirement.
      Getting stuck in default mode makes for an unhappy retirement. This is your chance to pursue your dreams!
    3. Create a plan and set goals
      If you think preparing financially is the only type of planning and goal setting you need to do, think again! Preparing and planning for the emotional and psychological impacts of retirement and your lifestyle is key.
    4. Share your retirement plans with your partner or family.
      If you have a partner, it’s very important to be on the same page when it comes to plans. Share your ideas with your children or trusted friends. Feeling supported is important.
    5. Be aware of the retirement transition process
      It takes time to stabilize when you are discovering a new identity and purpose in life. Give yourself time to develop new routines before you feel grounded in your new way of life.

To be guided and supported in your processes of preparing for retirement, check-out my Power UP Your Retirement Lifestyle Program. It’s an online educational program which includes a high-quality video training series, group coaching, an online community and other educational resources focused on helping you transition into a joy-filled retirement.

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Withdraw from your RRSP for Education

In light of the pandemic, has it given you time to pause and reflect about your career? Do you want to make a change in your career? Do you want to do something else?

The Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP) allows you to withdraw amounts from your registered retirement savings plan (RRSPs) to finance full-time training or education for you or your partner.

Speak to your Certified Financial Planner to find out if this is right for you.

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Have you considered semi-retirement?

What’s often called a “bridge-job” is a part-time job that bridges the transition between a full-time career and retirement.

Having a bridge-job or being semi-retired can be a great way to ease into the transition of retirement, both emotionally and financially.

Would you consider working part-time as a transition into retirement? What could you imagine yourself doing? Comment below!

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Perspective in a time of economic stress

With the outbreak of COVID19 requiring quarantine, we are all acutely aware of the stress this places on our economy.

Perhaps you have been laid-off, or your stream of income is otherwise impacted by closures and other people’s lay-offs.

We are all in this together, witnessing an entire system slow nearly to a halt. We don’t know, at this point, what the long-term repercussions of this are going to be economically.

When you begin to worry about this, quiet your brain and take a moment to shift your perspective.

What is it that you cherish most deeply? If it’s family and friends, then notice that you still have them and be present with them. If you can’t be with them physically, there are online video conferencing options and phone.

When you take a moment to assess what is truly valuable in your life, and count what you still have to be grateful for, it can shift your perspective and offer peace.

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COVID-19: Got You Rethinking Retirement?

For some of you, COVID-19 may be giving you a taste of what retirement could be like especially without a plan.

You may be feeling isolated and alone without your social connections, lost without a purpose, bored without activities, and worried about your finances.

Whether you are retiring during the pandemic or after, there are key elements that need to be considered to plan for a smoother transition and a happy retirement.

Join Marielle Gauthier, Executive Coach and Norm Lalonde, Certified Financial Planner as they present the financial and non-financial aspects of planning for your retirement.

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10 Steps to Get on The Path to a Happy Retirement


When it comes to retirement preparation, the first thing that seems to come to mind for people is finances. Of course, the money matters are a critical part of being able to retire and determine when you will retire. After that is established, however, there is so much beyond financial preparation that you can do to ensure a happy retirement. We all know money doesn’t buy happiness, so let’s not stop at financial preparation when it comes to retirement! Your happiness in retirement is worth the effort of truly investing in your future emotional well-being.

How do you get prepared? Here are 10 steps to guide you as you consider, not only what your retirement will look like practically, but how you want to FEEL in your retirement.

1. Define your desires

Are there strengths that you want to develop? What do you want to do with your spare time? Purpose brings meaning to our lives. Knowing what you want to get out of retirement will allow you to construct a post-retirement life that is fulfilling. Make a bucket list and start checking them off while you have the energy, health and money to do so.

2. Define how much you want to work/volunteer

Could it help to have some structure and out-of-home involvement to make your transition into retirement go smoothly? Your retirement is yours to shape. Customize your life to what will serve you best. This could look like part-time work, or voluntary community involvement.

3. Grace for the transition

Moving into retirement is a big life transition and transitions are not always smooth or easy. Knowing this ahead of time can help you prepare mentally for the ups and down. What supports can you set up in advance that will give you the space to work through difficult emotions as they arise? Communicating clearly with your partner or people you are in close relationship with about your expectations for retirement is one of these critical pieces that can be extremely supportive to your transition.

4. Develop a routine

Rhythms allow us to feel safe and secure. Up until now your rhythm may have been externally imposed by having a job. Creating a customized structure for your day and an overall flow for your weekdays are good ways to maintain groundedness in retirement.

5. Exercise your mind

If you were used to problem solving or being actively engaged all day through your work, you may notice that you will need to seek out ways to actively challenge your mind in retirement. This could be by learning a new language or a new instrument, or it could be through mindfulness meditation exercises. There are many ways to exercise your mind – choose the ways that excite you most.

6. Keep physically active

Find ways to move your body every day that feel good for you. Take a walk with a friend a few times a week, or maybe there’s a gentle yoga class you can attend in your community. Staying physically active is imperative for emotional well-being.

7. Eat well

Investing in your overall well-being by being mindful of eating nourishing meals contributes massively to your emotional well-being. We are what we eat. Give your body the fuel that it needs to provide you with a happy healthy body so you continue to be active.

8. Seek out social support

If the majority of your socializing has come from your place of work, you may be feeling lost in retirement – feeling a lack of connection. Seeking out the support you need could look like being honest with your partner or close friends in regards to how you are feeling. It could also look like getting involved in your community in ways that allow you to meet new people, or perhaps rekindling old friendships.

9. Push your limits

Challenging yourself is stimulating. What better time to create new goals for your personal growth! View retirement as the beginning of a journey. Open your mind to the possibilities that exist outside of your current capabilities.

10. Give back to the community

Taking the focus off of ourselves and serving others is so healthy for our mental well-being. The joy of giving is truly unmatched, and your community will benefit from the generosity of your heart.

By integrating these 10 actions as you prepare for retirement, you’ll ensure that you find yourself enjoying the retirement of your dreams. Remember, it’s a process. Change takes time, but if you’re steering in the direction of your deepest desires, the journey is bound to be fulfilling.

For more support as you prepare for your transition into retirement, send me an email at As an executive and personal coach who specializes in supporting people through the emotional transition to retirement, it is my pleasure to assist you.