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Encouraging Employees to Participate in Well-Being Initiatives

You might be hesitant to put too much effort into employee well-being initiatives if you can’t guarantee your staff will be receptive. However, if you don’t bother to do anything, you risk losing valuable employees that were willing and ready to invest in your organization.

It’s always better to be able to say you tried something than to have never tried at all, so implementing wellbeing initiatives in the workplace should be a priority, even if on a trial basis. You never know what effect you might have on the entire staff.

When you’re ready to introduce new wellbeing initiatives in the office, you need to:

·       Increase understanding of common well-being needs and offerings

·       Reduce apathy and stigma surrounding mental health and wellbeing initiatives

·       Make it as easy as possible to participate

Start your efforts with small steps and stick with whatever gets the best reaction, you might end up giving a lot of people the small push they needed.

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