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How Aligning Your Employees with Purpose Decreases Barriers to Engagement

In the same way that leaders benefit from becoming more in tune with their goals, employees are much more likely to engage more with their work if they feel a sense of purpose. One of the best ways to format your engagement strategy is by framing it to serve as a roadmap for your employees.

There are a few different ways you can instill a sense of purpose in the workplace, but nothing beats real feedback. Have your employees fill out surveys and invite them for one-on-one sit downs to discuss their goals, questions, and any potential concerns. 

This won’t just help your employees become more focused at work, but they’ll feel more seen and understood. When you make you team feel like they play an important role in your organization, you can expect engagement to increase almost instantly. 

Question for leaders

1.     Do you think your employees feel like they are in alignment with a sense of purpose at work? Why or why not?

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