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How Emotions Fuel Employee Engagement

We all know how emotions can change the course of our day and impact our interactions and experiences at work. However, have you ever thought about using emotion to fuel employee engagement? 

How to Implement Emotional Engagement 

While there are several ways to achieve emotional engagement, here are the basics of emotional engagement:

  1. Lead with empathy

Employees notice when their supervisors are invested in their needs and care about their expectations. Taking the time to sympathize and understand where your employees are coming from leads to better engagement and loyalty.

2. Create a connection

The stronger a bond is between a manager and employee, the more likely an employee is to overperform and even stay longer within an organization. 

3. Communication is key

Miscommunication is the root of most conflict, so whenever you’re in doubt—overcommunicate! When everyone is on the same page, you’re laying the foundation for positive emotions and a sense of direction. 

The bottom line is, when your employees are emotionally invested in their work, they automatically become more engaged!

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