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How Leaders Benefit from Employee Engagement

If you’re running a business, you already know how valuable time is. Every free moment can be allocated to something that will help the organization grow. 

When you have more engaged employees, you’ll spend less time micromanaging and have a lot more time for:

·       Addressing any backlogs in work and evaluating employee performance to find room for improvement.

·       Working on projects you might not usually be able to justify spending time on.

·       Engaging in activities that you might not typically have time for, but that might be beneficial to the business, like networking events. 

As a leader, you want to always put forth your best effort. Each day you’re setting an example for the people who work for you, and when they are invested in work, it leaves room for you to reach your full potential. 

To develop more strategies our Great Engagement: Engage and Mobilize Employees Training Program focuses on simple but powerful behaviours that will have maximum impact on a leader’s ability to engage his or her employees.

For more information and to register:

Your organization may be eligible for funding through the Canada Job Grant program. Employers may be eligible to receive two-thirds of the training cost.