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How to Engage and Mobilize Your Employees for the Future

Registration is now open for our next Great Engagement: Engage and Mobilize Employees Training Program—starting October 12, 2022!

We are very excited to start our program next month, and we hope to see you join us there! 

This program is a great fit for: 

Emerging and experienced leaders who are driven to:

·      Re-engage their employees

·      Improve motivation and productivity

·      Provide a support channel to employees to ensure efficiency

·      Maintain meaningful relationships with team members 

Employees who have been assigned leadership roles who:

·      Obtain feedback on improving the workplace from other team members

·      Direct previous co-workers

·      Assist with engaging the team to improve work

For more information and to register:

Your organization may be eligible for up to two-thirds of the training cost through the Canada Job Grant program.