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How to Engage with a Poor Performer

If you have employees that are performing poorly at work, it’s in your best interest to address it as quickly as possible. As soon as you notice an employee is starting to fall behind, it’s imperative that you step in. Managers should always be prepared to work on engaging employees with poor performance before it starts to spread.

Tips for engaging employees with poor performance

–        Be ready and available for open communication: Sometimes there are valid reasons for an employee becoming disengaged at work. Make sure they know you have an open door policy and are there to support them and answer questions and concerns they might have. 

–        Offer training and growth opportunities: Many employees will respond better if they feel like their efforts are leading towards something. Offering training and advancement opportunities is a great way to keep people on track and looking forward to the future.

–        Implement performance rewards: A tried and true method, nothing drives performance like a true incentive. 

Question for leaders

How do you engage with employees when you notice a decrease in performance?

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