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How to increase productivity by increasing employee engagement

A recent report by Gallup shows that global employee engagement has seen an impressive rise in the past decade. The companies that fell into this category report higher earnings-per-share, up to quadruple that of their competitors who have less engaged personnel. However, the same report notes the effects of the pandemic on employee engagement and the risk of employees becoming disengaged. Now more than ever, company leaders are considering employee wellness and job satisfaction as a top priority. Creating the right working environment could be the thing that takes your business to the next level, it’s essential to remain competitive in today’s marketplace.

There are various implementations you might consider for increasing employee engagement. Depending on your industry, you can get more specific, but at the very core you’ll want to consider these three concepts:

  • Recognition
  • Work-life balance
  • Employee Wellness

It’s important to consider more than one channel for engagement because your employees are all unique individuals. Part of engagement is acknowledging the skills and characteristics each employee brings to the table. The more you understand someone, the better chance you have at connecting with them. Now you can consider these concepts in a little more detail and think about how you might apply them to your own business Each one contributes to overall productivity in its own way.


When a person feels valued, they generally want to keep creating that feeling. Even a few simple words of appreciation can go a long way and help someone power through the rest of their day. Not only does recognition have a positive effect on the employee, but it reflects well on the manager or owner.  One of the simplest ways to implement a system for recognition is with some form of reward. Of course, the reward itself might change depending on the nature of your business.

Work-life balance

Even though your business might mean everything to you, your employees still have a whole host of responsibilities outside of work. If you try to maintain a professional yet flexible workplace, your employees will generally be much happier coming into work. Try to be understanding that everyone deals with daily stress, and it benefits you most when your employees can focus solely on their work. If they can worry a little bit less about scheduling conflicts, they’ll have more energy to complete work tasks.

Employee wellness

Productivity is all about maximizing time and efficiency. When you’re focused on your wellness, you can carry that positive experience into other areas of your life. Companies with wellness programs report high levels of employee satisfaction. It might be a small investment but it shows good faith in your employee and contributes to their ability to perform well in their work. Wellness programs also attract qualified candidates that prioritize their health, which generally indicates a higher ability to perform and potentially an even greater work ethic.  

The bottom line

Employee engagement is directly related to the success (or failure) of your business. When it comes to creating an engaging work environment that fosters productivity, you need to focus on bringing value to your employee, as well as making them feel valued.

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