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How to Know When it’s Time to Work on Employee Engagement

There is no one root cause that leads to employees becoming disengaged at work. Personal events, career-related issues, financial troubles, and all sorts of other things can be cluttering up the minds of your employees.

When it comes to creating an engaged culture at work, it really comes down to forging a connection. If you can understand where your team is operating from, and where they might need extra support, you can make sure everyone is prepared to put their best foot forward.

The best way to get a head start and some inside perspective into this is with our new program, starting October 12th.  

Registration is now open for our next Great Engagement: Engage and Mobilize Employees Training Program—starting October 12, 2022!

·      Leaders will learn how to create a customized employee engagement plan.

·      Participants will learn helpful tools to ensure psychological safety and gain an understanding of key leadership attitudes.

·      Deep dive into giving employees feedback in a way that counts.

For more information and to register:

Your organization may be eligible for up to two-thirds of the training cost through the Canada Job Grant program.