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Imposter Syndrome: The Impact of Your Inner Voice

Sometimes we use our inner voice to guide us to make better decisions, sometimes intuition can be more valuable than facts. When it comes to something like impostor syndrome, you’re usually stuck dealing with a vicious cycle of anxiety, things turning out okay, and attributing that success to something other than your ability.

When you deal with constant bouts of anxiety and fear like this, it’s not uncommon for you to advance into depression. The reason why it’s so hard to get out of this cycle is that the more you accomplish, the stronger the “impostor” feeling becomes.

It might be hard for you to pinpoint exactly where impostor syndrome affects your current life, so here are some examples:

  • You’ve moved into a leadership role and feel uncomfortable when referred to by your newer title as if you didn’t earn it.
  • You might have a hard time promoting yourself or your business because you feel like those who do have more experience than you.
  • You often find yourself in a state of indecision because of your lack of confidence in your role.

While these feelings are difficult to navigate and hard to talk about, you don’t have to do it alone.

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