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Improve your overall well-being by focusing on happiness first

We all know It’s much easier to engage with something that feels fulfilling rather than completing a mundane means to an end. That’s why it’s so important to forge your own path and follow your heart instead of meeting society’s expectations of what you should be doing.

Life isn’t just about work; you need to focus on what lifts you up too. Even if you love what you do, you aren’t going to be feeling 100% all of the time, and that’s totally normal.

Try to focus on what things you can do that bring you joy and work them into your routine. If you work late nights or weekends, maybe you have time in the morning for yoga or a walk—or even something more indulgent like a pedicure or massage!

If you love catching up with friends, reach out to someone who might have a similar schedule to you and share a quick conversation over a cup of coffee before you start your day. You could even start working with a personal coach to really ramp up your feel-good formula!

Whatever it is that sparks joy, bring more of it into your life in whatever way works best for you.

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