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Leader, what responsibilities have you accepted?

“From great power comes great responsibility.” Versions of this adage has been attributed to many people and became popular in the comic book story of Spiderman. With the superpower he possessed, he felt responsible for using it for good.

Leadership is not that much different from being a superhero. Yes, a leader may not have superpowers like Spiderman or any other superhero, but a leader’s superpower is to lead others toward success. This is so much a greater and stronger power since it can be used by real people in a real world.

Hence, being a leader requires a deep sense of responsibility, towards themselves and others.

The power to lead people towards the leader’s and the organization’s vision comes with responsibilities like keeping everyone on the team inspired towards the bigger picture; helping them grow; and ensuring everyone is aligned in the same direction.

It isn’t easy to be a leader nor is it for the faint of heart! Being a leader comes with a lot of responsibilities and true leaders are willing to accept them all.

There are instances when sometimes it makes us feel better to blame others or something else when things go wrong. This, however, is not practiced by a good leader.

Making excuses and blaming someone else or something for a failed job or task is not a quality of a good leader. A good leader accepts the fact that something went wrong and works with their team so that everyone, leader included, learns from the mistakes. When things go wrong, a leader uses the situation as an opportunity for everyone to learn and grow.

Leaders don’t have control over others or their actions. Leaders do, however, have full control over their own actions and behaviours – one of the biggest and most important responsibilities for a leader.

So leader, what responsibilities have you decided to accept?

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