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Managing Employee Attitudes and Engagement

From the moment we wake up, our attitude starts to shape the experience of our entire day. Starting your day off on a negative note typically has a snowball effect, and only helps you find more things wrong as you continue with your responsibilities for the day. So how can we prevent this from taking over the workplace? 

How to monitor employee attitudes in the workplace:

–       Start the workday with a team meeting and try to gauge where everyone is at

–       For anyone that seems unmotivated, touch base with them and see if there is a solution you might be able to provide—like access to tools or supplies. 

–       When you get a sense that someone is having a rough day, give them an opportunity to take a moment for themselves.

Being a leader means dealing with a lot of different emotions at the same time. You can never predict how employees will show up, but you can control how you support them. 

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