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  • Master Your Mind, Master Your Life

    Imagine what would be possible if you could choose: to not stress out over what you can’t control push away self-doubts recover from disappointments immediately and spend little time in anger, regret, or blame. This is absolutely possible with mental fitness training. In as little as 10 seconds, you can: 1. Develop greater mastery over […]

  • A More Engaged Workforce Leads to Improved Recruiting and Retention

    Employees that are more engaged with their work are naturally going to become more invested over time. This sense of connection to work makes it much more likely for someone to stick around. It also makes it more attractive to prospective employees when you’re working on recruitment efforts.  Before your business experiences this sort of […]

  • Improve Your Work Teams with Great Employee Engagement

    If you’re in charge of managing teams at work, you know how difficult things can get when people become distracted or lose interest in the topic at hand. The reality is that not every work situation is necessarily interesting. However, to experience the benefits that come along with certain roles, you need to put in […]

  • Gain a Competitive Edge with Service Best Trained Professionals

    “Customer Service should not be a department, it should be the entire company.” – Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos Do your employees understand that everyone has a role to play in serving the customer even if they don’t directly serve the external customer? If not, your organization may be missing out on providing exceptional customer […]

  • The Re-Skill Saskatchewan Training Subsidy

    ATTENTION: Small to Medium-Sized Businesses Take advantage of the Re-Skill Saskatchewan Training Subsidy. Employers can make multiple applications to a maximum of $5,000 for the duration of the program. Your organization may be eligible for this funding for theGreat Engagement: Engage and Mobilize Employees Program Take action today to provide training opportunities for your […]

  • Take advantage of the Canada Job Grant for Leadership Training

    ATTENTION: Small to Medium-sized Business Owners Do you have emerging or new leaders who would benefit from leadership training? If yes, take advantage of the Canada Job Grant for up to $100,000/year to help train your employees. There is a Canada Job Grant Program in every Canadian province. To find out more about the Grant […]

  • Leader, what responsibilities have you accepted?

    “From great power comes great responsibility.” Versions of this adage has been attributed to many people and became popular in the comic book story of Spiderman. With the superpower he possessed, he felt responsible for using it for good. Leadership is not that much different from being a superhero. Yes, a leader may not have […]

  • Praise More Often to Increase Employee Engagement

      “Appreciate everything your associates do for the business. Nothing else can quite substitute for a few well-chosen, well-timed, sincere words of praise. They’re absolutely free and worth a fortune.” – Sam Walton The Great Engagement is a call to action to praise more often. Do you praise your employees easily, sincerely and often? If […]

  • Show your employees you care about them

    “The better connected we are, the healthier our relationships and the higher quality of our working life” – Pamela Hackett, author, Manage to Engage Every day is a great day to appreciate your employees. Show them you care today.

  • Improve Quality of Work by Increasing Employee Engagement

    Regardless of the nature of your business, when an employee is more engaged in their work, the outcome always improves. If you want to ensure that your business is sustainable, you need to make sure your team holds the same standards you do. When employee engagement increases, you can expect: ·       Increased […]

  • New leaders: build a solid foundation to succeed in your new role

    Leaders in transition face a steep learning curve with high expectations and often receive insufficient support to be successful in their new role. In fact, research has shown that nearly 50% of leader transitions fail. A leader in a new role must quickly adapt to new processes, perspectives, and expectations. There is also an expectation […]

  • Improve Your Customer Service with Employee Engagement

    Customer service employees are a direct reflection of your business. Disgruntled and dissatisfied employees are much more likely to have unpleasant interactions with customers. Similarly, engaged and committed employees will generally act with the best intentions in mind. Why are engaged employees better for customer service? · Better at responding to sensitive situations. · An […]

  • Take full command of your mind

    You’re not in full command of your mind. If you were, you would choose to entirely silence the Saboteurs in your head. If you were in full command of your mind, you would: Choose to not stress out over what you can’t control Push away self-doubts Recover from disappointments immediately and Spend little time in […]

  • Boost Workplace Loyalty with Employee Engagement

    It’s no surprise that happier, more engaged employees are more likely to keep showing up. As human beings, it’s easier to stay motivated when we have something to look forward to.  According to recent reports, over 60% of businesses have a harder time keeping employees rather than hiring them in the first place. This isn’t […]

  • Three Ways to Accomplish More in Less Time

    Have you ever walked into work only to sit down and realize that an entire eight hours has passed by? Not only that but have you also had the feeling of not accomplishing nearly enough? While the day has seemed to escape you, there are ways to accomplish more in less time that won’t leave […]

  • Mental Fitness Foundation Program

    If you want to: Be more empathetic of yourself and others Achieve your goals with more ease Have greater professional and personal achievements Have more satisfying relationships Experience better health and Greater happiness Enroll in the Positive Intelligence®: Mental Fitness Foundation Program to: Develop greater mastery over your own mind Quiet the negative and Activate […]

  • Engaging employees from different generations

      If you work with a team made up of people from different generations, then you know how difficult it can be to create an engaging environment for everyone. Here are some quick tips to help you adjust your workflow techniques if you’re managing employees of vastly different ages: Email is a form of communication […]

  • Who are your Saboteurs?

    Saboteurs are the voices in your head that generate negative emotion in the way you handle life’s everyday challenges. They represent automated patterns in your mind for how to think, feel and respond. Saboteurs cause all of your stress, anxiety, self-doubt, frustration, restlessness, and unhappiness. They sabotage your performance, wellbeing and relationships. Perhaps you have […]

  • Four Tips to Have Engaging Meetings in a Hybrid Environment

    With so many businesses moving their operations online, many leaders are struggling to find a balance in hybrid environments. The remote experience has a learning curve and things become even more complicated when you combine it with in-person activity. Four tips for engaging meetings in a hybrid environment: Send out a pre-meeting email where everyone […]

  • Why Most Leadership Development Training Efforts Fail

    George was seen as an up-and-coming leader in the organization. People who worked for him liked and respected him. Senior leaders saw his potential and wanted him to attend the company’s leadership development workshop. George was ecstatic. He loved the organization and wanted to move up and contribute as much as he could. He saw […]

  • Simple Tips to Engage Employees

    As technology continues to evolve, people only gain more things that are distracting. When it comes to your employees, their working hours are valuable, so you need to make sure you’re keeping them engaged as often as possible. Simple ways to engage employees: Offer rewards like a free lunch for anyone who meets their monthly […]

  • How to increase productivity by increasing employee engagement

    A recent report by Gallup shows that global employee engagement has seen an impressive rise in the past decade. The companies that fell into this category report higher earnings-per-share, up to quadruple that of their competitors who have less engaged personnel. However, the same report notes the effects of the pandemic on employee engagement and […]

  • NEW Webinar: The Great Engagement – Three Powerful Practices

    “Engaging the hearts, minds, and hands of talent is the most sustainable source of competitive advantage.” Greg Harris, President and CEO of Quantum Workplace. We’re excited to launch our new free one-hour webinar called, The Great Engagement: Three Powerful Practices. Check it out:

  • FREE 30-60-90 Day Employee Engagement Plan Blueprint

    Use your free 30-60-90 Day Employee Engagement Plan Blueprint to design your own Great Engagement for 2022. The Great Engagement is a call to action to expand your approach to more effectively engage your employees. Employee engagement impacts your bottom line! How engaged are your employees now? Research indicates that 60% of employees are not […]

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