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Mind over matter


Mind over matter!

I am grateful to say that I’ve found a job which inspires me.

But one of the reasons it inspires me is because I get to learn about the human mind and then put that knowledge to use to help others thrive.

What’s amazing about our brains is that they are actually plastic. We have the power, no matter what age we are, to do something called “pruning”.

Does this make you think of pruning a tree?

Amazingly enough, our brains act similarly to trees. If you practice a new behaviour enough times, it can actually become a habit because you form solid synaptic connections. And these connections get strong, becoming your new pattern.

So, as you head towards retirement, why not form some new patterns? What do you want to leave behind that is no longer serving you?

I am here to help you learn about your power. I know about it because I have experienced it myself. And it is a myth that you can’t get what you want in retirement.

If you have any questions about the brain as it grows in all its stages in life, why not comment below and ask me?