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New leaders: build a solid foundation to succeed in your new role

Leaders in transition face a steep learning curve with high expectations and often receive insufficient support to be successful in their new role. In fact, research has shown that nearly 50% of leader transitions fail.

A leader in a new role must quickly adapt to new processes, perspectives, and expectations. There is also an expectation for them to ramp up their skills fast and build new key relationships. Leaders often struggle in any one or more of these areas.

These struggles create risks that can have immense impacts on the business as they can reduce productivity, performance, and engagement of the incoming leader and out further into the organization.

Not addressing these struggles, impact not only the transitioning leader, but their direct reports, partners, other internal as well as external stakeholders including customers.

If this is you or your new and emerging leaders are struggling, then our Leader Foundations Leadership Academy program will be beneficial.

The Leadership Academy is a customized program specifically created to support new leaders build a solid foundation to succeed in their new roles.

The leader will interact with other leaders in a similar situation and will develop or strengthen the required skills to level up and increase their effectiveness.

Your organization may be eligible for up to $100,000 to help train your employees.

For more information on the Leadership Academy: