Power Up Your Retirement Lifestyle

Are you ready for retirement?

You may be on track to be financially ready for your retirement, however, are you on track psychologically for your retirement? Do you have a plan as to how you will spend the second half of your life? Are you ready for the transition from ending your career to not working? What fears do you have about retirement? What do you need to do now to prepare for your retirement? What decisions do you need to make now that will affect your retirement? How will you live your life now so you enter your retirement years in great health?

Retirement is not just the year you leave full-time work where you will sleep in, travel, play golf, garden, or do any of the things you may have longed to do. You need to think that your retirement could be anywhere from 20 – 40 years depending on how healthy you are going into your retirement and then how well you look after yourself during your retirement.

If you are five years or less away from retirement and you have not planned for your retirement lifestyle, or don’t know what to consider and how to design the plan, then the Power UP Your Retirement Lifestyle program is for you.

Program participants will:

  • take an introspective look at their current reality
  • discover their fears about retirement
  • identify their strengths
  • develop a purpose statement
  • create a vision
  • identify passions
  • explore their relationships
  • understand what they have control over and
  • create a values and purpose driven retirement lifestyle plan

By thinking about what you want for yourself in retirement ahead of when you will actually retire, and developing a plan for your lifestyle, you will be able to go into retirement with excitement instead of dread.

Find out more about the Power UP Your Retirement Lifestyle program here.