Power Up Your Lunch

Power Up Your Lunch


Power Up Your Lunch-1Are your employees happy, healthy and engaged? Are they making the best decisions possible? Is your company enjoying peak productivity?

To explore opportunities for improvement, your team is invited to bring their lunch and join Marielle Gauthier for a ‘Power Up Your Lunch’ professional development session.

In this ‘power hour’ participants will gain personal and professional insights as Marielle leads them through an informative and interactive session on one of the following topics:


Topic 1: The Power of Mindfulness for Leaders

Stress in the work place is inevitable, but how you manage that stress is extremely important for your health and state of mind. When faced with stress, some people just keep plowing through without stopping to think about how they are being impacted. They don’t check in with their own thoughts and emotions. This behaviour is not sustainable and often leads to unhappiness, illness or disease.

Practicing mindfulness in the workplace can be as simple as stopping and focusing on the breath and being still for just one minute.

Find out how mindfulness can benefit all employees (front line and management), improve performance and productivity, and increase overall health and well-being.


In this session you will discover:

  • The meaning of mindfulness
  • Impacts of chronic stress on your health
  • Benefits of mindfulness
  • Tips for simple mindfulness practices.


Target Audience: Individuals who want to better understand how the practice of mindfulness will help them decrease stress, improve performance and creativity, and live a healthier life.


Topic 2: ‘Your Brain on Change’

Change happens every day, and every person reacts to change in a different way. Some people welcome change with open arms while others dig in their heels and totally resist. Every successful leader knows, however, that change is inevitable and that he or she must accept and adapt to thrive.

So what’s going on in the brain that causes each of us to react so differently to change and transition?

In this session you will discover:

  • The different types of change
  • How a change event impacts the brain
  • The phases of transition
  • What activates the primary reward and threat circuitry
  • The Cycle of Change model
  • Tips to help a person move through the transition easier.


Target Audience: Individuals who want to better understand how they deal with change and transition, and identify personal actions that will help them thrive through transition for growth and development.

For prices and to book your Power Up Your Lunch Presentation please call Marielle at 306 370-6284 or email marielle@redworkscoaching.com


About Marielle
Marielle Gauthier, owner and principal of Redworks Communications, is a Results Certified Coach and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with ICF. As a Results Coach, Marielle uses brain-based coaching models to support her clients to improve their thinking to facilitate positive change in order to achieve personal and professional goals. Marielle works with leaders, executives, teams and individuals to improve individual and group performance.


These presentations are part of Marielle’s ‘Power Up Your Life’ Coaching Series. For more information please email Marielle at marielle@redworkscoaching.com