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Resilience and Employee Engagement

There is a very strong link between employee engagement and resilience. The more resilient an employee is, the less likely they are to become disengaged, whether something happens that is expected or not. 

If you want to help build that resilience within your own team, consider some of the following:

–       Maintain a clear sense of purpose: make sure employees know what their role is and why it’s important.

–       Communication is key: Lack of communication accounts for a large portion of workplace mistakes. Make sure everyone is on the same page.

–       Establish an internal support system: Create measures for handling sensitive issues and employee concerns.

–       Set clear goals and expectations: Like communication, having a clear set of expectations helps everyone stay on track and working towards the same thing.

–       Provide necessary resources: you can’t expect your team to be engaged unless they have everything they need to do their work.

–       Positive reinforcement: don’t just come in when things need to be fixed, make sure to acknowledge people who are doing things right on a regular basis.

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