As a Results Certified Coach, I use brain-based methodologies to help clients create and achieve positive and transformational changes in their personal and professional lives.

I am excited about working with individuals who want to reach their personal and professional goals, create new habits, develop new ways of thinking and ultimately maximize their full potential.

  • What about you? What are your current personal and/or professional goals?
  • Do you want a promotion, a new job or a new career?
  • Do you want to generate more income or decrease your debt?
  • Do you want to write a book?
  • Build your dream home?
  • Increase your fitness level?
  • Improve your work or family relationships?
  • Do you want to increase your client base, revenue or profitability?
  • Do you want lead or be a member of a high performing team?
  • Do you want to play your ‘A’ game? (workshop)
    Do you want to UP Your Game?

Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself to achieve these fantastic goals but don’t know how to start? If yes, then consider coaching to help you achieve your goals faster and easier.


What is coaching?

Coaching helps close the gap between where you are and where you want to be in your personal and professional life. Coaching focuses on helping you move toward the future you want to create for yourself. It is results driven and solutions focused – very little time is spent on the issue or problem and details of that issue because we want you be forward looking to get the results you want.

There doesn’t need to be a problem or issue to benefit from coaching – life can be ticking along just fine but you just want to make small positive changes and create an even better life for yourself


Choose from various coaching programs:

Team Coaching – Create a performance focused team to achieve specific performance goals faster and more effectively.

Personal Coaching –  Achieve your life and work goals faster and easier

Group coaching

For more information, prices or to book a workshop for your organization please contact us.


Marielle is an excellent coach. In a very short space of time she had me focused on my priorities, with a clear path on how to achieve them. I would highly recommend her.” – Nicky Fried, Principal at Nicky Fried Consulting Inc.


I would recommend Marielle Gauthier as a business coach. She kept the focus on my priorities to establish my best results. Marielle’s enthusiasm and up-beat approach was supportive and encouraging.” – Kathleen O’Grady, Fashion Designer at grady bleu®


Create your extraordinary life!