90 Day Balanced Life

90 Day Your Balanced Life Program

Gain clarity and focus on your life balance and set goals that allow you to manage multiple responsibilities and live life more fully and joyfully.

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“Life Balance is a self-defined, self-determined state of well-being that a person can reach, or set as a goal that allows them to manage effectively multiple responsibilities at work, home and in the community. It support physical, emotional, family and community health, and does so without grief, stress or negative impact.” (www.hrsdc.ca)




Target Audience

Individuals who want to focus in on work – life balance or integration issues.


Content & Methodology

The 90 Day Your Balanced Life interaction and transformational group coaching program. Through a combination of facilitator-led discussions and individual exercises, participants will:

  • Develop a better understanding of their current state of work-life balance and where they want to go
  • Discover their core values
  • Develop a personal vision of a more balanced life
  • Clarification of priorities
  • Acquire valuable time management tools
  • An action plan to put their new commitments into action


Course Materials

Participants receive an electronic copy of the Participant Modules including exercises, instructions, and homework.



The 90 Day Your Balanced Life program is geared to 4 – 8 participants (by phone) or 6 – 12 (in person) to maximize learning and interaction.

The group coaching program consists of:

  • 6 X 60 – 75 minutes group coaching calls or 60 – 90 minutes (for in-person sessions) held on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Two one-on-one 30 minute calls with each participant
  • One 15 minute pre and post-program call with each participant


The program is delivered by an accredited Results Certified Coach.



  • More clarity and focus because around goals and action plan
  • Improved decision making because of awareness of values and priorities
  • Higher productivity because of a clearer understanding of priorities
  • Tools to use and apply to life’s activities
  • More time to do what you really enjoy
  • Know how to leverage personal strengths
  • Know how to set boundaries and when to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’
  • Great connections with other group members with similar concerns
  • Accountability and support structure to make changes needed

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