GROW Program

We are beyond excited that you have:

  • Successfully completed the beginning of your Mental Fitness journey
  • Developed the ability to boost your Self-Command muscles through the application of PQ Reps
  • Invested time building your daily practices as you have weakened your Saboteurs and strengthened your Sage
  • Identified and learned how to quiet the harmful impacts of your Judge and accomplice Saboteurs
  • Learned how to elicit your Sage Powers to weaken Saboteurs’ negative influence on you

What have you learned about yourself and your impact on the people in your life?

What positive impacts have your noticed that this program has had on your relationships with yourself, your work colleagues, partner, spouse and family?

You’ve strengthened mental muscles you may not have known you had!

While you are free to repeat this work, the real value is to continue your practice by applying what you have learned.

Positive Intelligence® has developed a long-term program that you can continue at your own pace.

Don’t let those mental muscles weaken and atrophy. We encourage you to keep growing your mental fitness and to continue strengthening your PQ muscles.

Creating lasting, positive change is a lifelong process.

This process improves over time as you continue your journey and build your mental fitness practice.

Continuing your PQ practice can help you find a greater sense of meaning and purpose. As you continue your journey, you will live into your true potential in whatever form that may take for you.

By continuing your practice using the Positive Intelligence® GROW program, you will continue to provide results in all the domains of your life.

After completion of the six-week Foundational program, there are two choices on how to proceed:


Maintain your current strength level through continued use of the App in its current state.

  • No new content.

If you choose this option, please know you will have access to all content for 1 year, including your Pod and Community. 


Grow additional strength by continuing to strengthen your Sage and PQ muscles and further weakening Saboteurs through:

  • New Focus of Days, Coach Challenges, and Reflections
  • Ability to change your current Focus of the Day (from previous ones)
  • Ability to customize your GROW experience by selecting Themes
  • Ability to choose or skip weekend content to be truly self-paced
  • New Stress Management, Conflict Management & Energy/Impact Optimization modules
  • And, work on second accomplice Saboteur in your first week.

Similar to a gym membership for your physical health, the GROW program is designed as a monthly membership to support your mental fitness.

If you’d like to continue to GROW after completion of the 6-Week program, please contact Marielle for more information and pricing. Contact Marielle today.

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