Power UP Your Life Balance

‘Power UP Your Life Balance’ Group Coaching Program134090431

Gain clarity and focus on your life balance goals to live a more joyful life.   


“While working with Marielle, I gained a new perspective and I uncovered a renewed self-confidence which gave me the strength to achieve my goals. She was very supportive and encouraging and throughout the coaching process really made me think.” Theresa C.

The Power Up Your Life Balance Program includes the following:

  • One private 15 minute pre-program call
  • One private 15 minute post-program call
  • 1 private 60 minute coaching session
  • 6 modules for achieving your balance goals
  • Access to an on-line private community
  • Audio recordings of all modules to listen to at your leisure


In this interactive and transformational group coaching program participants will:

  • Develop a better understanding of their current state of work-life balance and where they want to go
  • Discover their core values
  • Develop a personal vision of a more balanced life
  • Clarification of priorities
  • Acquire valuable time management tools
  • An action plan to put their new commitments into action


Benefits for Participants

  • Less stress
  • More balance
  • Improved decision making because of awareness of values and priorities
  • Higher productivity because of a clearer understanding of priorities
  • Tools to use and apply to life’s activities
  • More time to do what you really enjoy
  • Know how to set boundaries and when to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’
  • Great connections with other group members with similar concerns
  • Accountability and support structure to make changes needed


Program Features

Component 1 – Six Modules 

Through facilitator-led discussions, coaching and individual exercises, the participant will focus on the following topics:

Module 1 – Where am I now? Participants will assess where they are now in their personal and work lives.

Module 2 – Values – your inner compass. Participants will identify their personal values and their importance in making decisions.

Module 3 –  Vision – participants will create a powerful vision for their life.

Module 4 – What makes you uniquely you? Participants will explore their unique attributes.

Module 5 – Priorities, Time Management and Self Care. Participants will determine priorities, set boundaries and personal renewal.

Module 6 – Taking It Forward. Participants will develop an action plan to achieve their goals.


Participants receive an electronic copy of the Participant Guide including exercises, instructions, and homework.

Each 60 – 75 minute module will be delivered live using a teleconference line.


Component 2 – Access to Module Recordings

  • You receive audio recordings of all modules to listen to at your leisure.


Component 3 – Personal and Laser Focused Coaching

  • Laser coaching during the modules
  • One private 15 minute pre-program call (phone/skype)
  • One private 15 minute post-program call (phone/skype)
  • One private 60 minute coaching session (phone/skype). On these calls, Marielle Gauthier will answer questions about the modules and the achievement of the goals.


Component 4- Private On-Line Client Community

  • Access to On-Line Private Community Group for networking, partnering and mutual support.


FREE Power UP Your Life Balance Video Series – In this video series, we talk about the stress, taking stock, priorities and setting boundaries and self care. Click here for the Power UP Your Life Balance Video Series.


Your Investment

Value of the Power UP Your Life Balance Program

Modules and recordings – $995

Individual Coaching –  $325

Private On-Line Community for Support and Accountability – $395

Total Value if Purchased Separately – $1715

Modules + Recordings + Live Coaching + Online Community Networking


Special Pricing

Single-Payment Package Price – $350 + GST (Total $367.50)


2 payments of $225 plus GST (Total $472.50)



Power Up Your Balance – One Payment – $350 plus GST (Total $367.50)


Power Up Your Balance – Two payments of $236.25 including GST (Total $472.50)


This special introductory pricing ends March 13.


Who doesn’t need to work on “Life Balance”? Most of us are juggling work, family, health, etc. and doing our best – but what if we could do better? The Life Balance retreat offered by Marielle is a gift to yourself. It creates space for essential reflection and action planning to help ensure you are on track with where you want to be in life. This retreat should be an annual event in everyone of our lives. I left this session with new insights and ideas on how to address specific areas I identified in my action plan. One thing Marielle will ensure is that you actually ACT on your ACTion plan! Candace L.  Saskatoon


“Marielle is an excellent coach. In a very short space of time she had me focused on my priorities, with a clear path on how to achieve them. I would highly recommend her.” Nicky F.  Vancouver


“I was feeling overwhelmed by work and looking to find a) better ways to think about or organize my work, and b) a better work/life balance. Besides being very knowledgeable and well-prepared, Marielle was incredibly supportive and encouraging as I worked through the process. She asked questions that helped me clarify my goals, strategies and tasks, and that also kept me moving forward through sticking points. I learned a great deal about my “real” priorities in life, and developed several tools and processes that I use both at home and at work. I have no hesitation recommending Marielle to others.” She’s an excellent Executive Coach. Carla R.  Saskatoon


The Power UP Your Life Balance program is covered by a 30 day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase you will receive a full refund. There is ZERO risk to try out the program!

Give yourself the opportunity to gain clarity and focus on your life balance goals to help you live a more joyful life.   


If you have any issues or questions about registering for the program, please click here to send a private message to Marielle Gauthier.


About Marielle Gauthier

Marielle Gauthier is an accredited certified coach with the International Coaching Federation and a certified Results coach. Marielle uses a brain-based approach to coaching facilitating positive change through insights with a commitment to action. She encourages her clients to be results driven and solutions focused looking forward to achieving personal and professional goals. She assists her clients come to their own conclusions, create new habits, and develop new ways of thinking and doing to maximize their full potential.