Developing Your Key Message Workshop

Developing Your Key Messages Workshop

As an entrepreneur, you have a story to tell of how you help people solve their problems and address their issues. One communication tool to help you develop your story is a tool called a message map. You can use this tool to create clear, credible and compelling messages that drive awareness, understanding and action for your key client groups. This message map will serve as a blueprint for all of your various communication vehicles such as your networking ‘elevator speech’, presentations, brochures, posters, direct mail, flyers, social media and much more.


This workshop will help you

  • identify your key client groups
  • understand your client groups better
  • gain clarity on what you need to say
  • identify what you want them to do
  • understand the process of developing compelling and credible key messages


Workshop Features

  • 4 hours of structured facilitated exercises
  • lazerĀ focused coaching
  • one – 60 minute group call – post workshop


You will benefit from this workshop if you:

  • want to reach your audience in a clear, credible and compelling manner
  • are launching a new business, product or service
  • are making changes to your business that will affect your existing clients
  • want to let people know how you can help them address their issues and solve their problems
  • want to get into the mindset of your client groups


When: Contact Marielle for dates.


The Presenter
Marielle Gauthier, owner and principal of Redworks Communications, is an accredited business communicator with 16+ years of experience in strategic communications planning, public relations, special event planning, promotions and media relations.

Also a certified Neuroleadership Coach, Marielle used a brain-based approach to coaching facilitating positive change through insights with a commitment to action. She encourages her clients to be results driven and solutions focused looking forward to achieving personal and professional goals. She assists her clients come to their own conclusions, create new habits, and develop new ways of thinking and doing to maximize their full potential.


Marielle Gauthier, B.A., ABC, Neuroleadership Coach
Redworks Communications