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Service Best Management

Service Best Management is an award-winning, internationally recognized workshop designed to assist managerial staff in creating an environment for the delivery of superior customer service.

Service Best Management will benefit your business on every level, from a more positive work environment and higher staff retention to satisfied customers, repeat business, new patrons, and increased profits.

If your business achieves 60 per cent or greater staff or management participation in Service Best, it is eligible to receive recognition through the Business Recognition program of the Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council, a division of Tourism Saskatchewan.


Targeted Audience

For managers who want to create an environment that fosters and supports a superior service culture to provide memorable customer experiences.


Content & Methodology

Service Best Management is a thought-provoking and interactive two-day workshop that looks at the principles of excellent customer service and provides useful tools that participants can use to make customers’ experience positive and memorable.

Through a combination of facilitator-led discussions, individual and group activities and hands-on exercises, participants will learn:

  • proven methods of identifying and tracking your customers’ expectations
  • how to use service quality management to improve your bottom line
  • ways of identifying the key service gaps in your organization
  • how to develop standards that  ensure consistent, superior service
  • five easy steps to hiring the right people and avoiding costly staff turnover
  • seven key factors to establishing and maintaining an environment that motivates staff to continually deliver quality customer service
  • how to increase employee success with on-the-job training.


Workshop Outcomes

  • Use techniques associated with the delivery of service.
  • Demonstrate skills for handling difficult situations with customers.
  • Understand the expectations associated with Service Best communication and their role in providing excellent customer service to customers.
  • Discuss the behaviours and qualities associated with developing and maintaining the positive attitude necessary for providing Service Best.
  • Understand the link between great service and sales.


Workshop Features

Day One: Service


Unit 1:  Service: The Competitive Edge

Unit 2:  Installing Service Best

Unit 3:  Service Recovery

Unit 4:  Your Service Best Promise


Day Two: Service Management Practices

Unit 5:  Hiring for Service Best

Unit 6:  Training for Service Best

Unit 7:  Coaching for Service Best

Unit 8:  Accepting the Service Best Challenge


Course Materials

Participants receive a comprehensive a Management Best participant manual.



Training is delivered by a qualified Saskatchewan Training Education Council (STEC) Facilitator.



  • Generate a higher level of professional management.
  • Learn how to coach and train employees for Performance.
  • Understand different adult learning styles.
  • Increase repeat customer performance.


About Service Best Management

The Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council (STEC), a Division of Tourism Saskatchewan, developed this workshop in response to the need for specialized training that contributes to professionalism in service delivery in all types of businesses. STEC, working with a service industry advisory committee, developed the first Service Best program in 1990. Since then, the program has been updated and revised four times, most recently in 2009. The success of the program is recognized internationally, currently delivered throughout Canada as well as in Scotland, Ireland, Central America (Spanish) and the Philippines. In addition to this two-day workshop for supervisors and managers, there is a one-day workshop for front-line staff and a one-day workshop for health care providers. The program is available to anyone who deals with customers.



Marielle Gauthier of Redworks Communications is an associate of The Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council (STEC), serving as a facilitator and distributor of  Service Best Management and other programs offered by STEC.