Showing We Care

Showing We Care

Showing We Care applies principles and practices from organizations known for their excellent service and tailors them to the needs of health related services.  As service providers, you can use these ideas to make a real difference – for you, for health services and for the citizens of your community.

The workshop addresses requests from the health service industry for specialized service training for its leaders, team members and volunteers.

It is an upbeat look at how health care staff can become a service fanatic in a world of changing expectations and increasing challenges.

Who do you serve?

  • client, patient
  • resident, guest
  • relative, visitor
  • industry partner
  • internal customer (another department)


Whether you are employed or volunteering, whether you are in administration, support services or direct customer contact, you can make a difference to their experience.


Targeted Audience

For management, staff and volunteers in the health care field who want to create an environment that fosters and supports a superior service culture to make a difference to the health care customer.


Content & Methodology

Showing We Care is a highly interactive one-day workshop that provides useful tools to health care staff become service fanatics in a world of changing expectations and increasing challenges.

Through a combination of facilitator-led discussions, individual and group activities and hands-on exercises, participants will learn:

  • use the techniques associated with the delivery of excellent health care client
  • understand the concept of external and internal health care client
  • demonstrate the skills for handling difficult situations with the health care client
  • be aware of expectations associated with communication and of your role in providing for your health care client and
  • discuss the behaviours and qualities associated with developing and maintaining your personal resourcefulness to provide excellent service in a changing environment.


Service Best is geared for delivery to groups of up to 24 participants.


Course Materials

Participants receive a comprehensive a Showing We Care workbook.



Training is delivered by a qualified STEC Facilitator.



  • Learn the difference between doing a job versus serving a health care client.
  • Learn how to solve problems.
  • Learn to reflect about how you and your organization are perceived by health care clients.
  • Learn about becoming resourceful to the health care organization.


About Showing We Care

The Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council (STEC), a Division of Tourism Saskatchewan, developed this seminar  in response to the need for specialized training that contributes to professionalism in service delivery in health care organizations. STEC, working with a health care advisory committee, developed Showing We Care based on the Service Best customer service excellence program introduced in 1990. The success of the program is recognized internationally, currently delivered throughout Canada as well as in Scotland, Ireland, Central America (Spanish) and the Philippines. In addition to this one-day seminar for health care organizations, there is a one-day workshop for front-line staff and two-day workshop for supervisors and managers in service and hospitality organizations. The program is available to anyone who deals with customers.


Marielle Gauthier of Redworks Communications is an associate of The Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council (STEC), serving as a facilitator and distributor of Showing We Care and other programs offered by STEC.