New Leader Development

The retirement exodus of about 3.3 million Canadian employees over the next decade will have an impact on business continuity, financial stability, and business growth.

The transitions with a change in leadership create potential risks at every level of the organization, and profitability, productivity and positivity can be negatively affected.

Various struggles exist for leaders during a leader transition the impact of which goes beyond individual performance. The leaders’ struggles and the lack of a transition support plan can affect the business services to the point that whole programs are in jeopardy.

We want to support up-and-coming and new leaders to better manage the transition while decreasing the chaos, confusion and myriad of risks so often faced by businesses during these transitions.

We are offering interactive, practical learning and implementation sessions with a goal  to support organizations and individuals to understand their transitions, mitigate risks and design customized strategies.

These professional development sessions will prepare individuals to move into their first management position as well as increase success for leaders in a new role.

New Leader Professional Development

Leaders in Transition Lunch and Learn
This workshop identifies potential risks businesses may face with leader transition and will need to manage.

Participants will identify:

  • The magnitude of the risks for their business
  • The level of urgency to address these risks and
  • The barriers may get in their way of managing the risks
  • Actions they can take immediately

Registration opens soon.

Leaders in Transition

Developing and Preparing Leaders for Success in a New Role
Are you a new manager?
Are you leading a team for the first time?
Are you the new project lead for the first time in your career?

Start building a solid foundation with these tools in our 90-minute workshop series.

  • Workshop Series
  • Strategic Thinking – what is it and how do you think more strategically
  • Employee engagement – getting ready for your first staff meeting
  • Self-Leadership – understanding the key driving forces of a leader
  • Fundamentals of Business Acumen

Workshop series starts in February 2021.

If you have individuals who require development to move into or are struggling with the transition into a new leadership role, please reach out for support.