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Setting Goals that will Change Your Life (Part 3)

Challenging and Achievable

New Year's resolutions

The goal you set however must be achievable within a 90-day period and you need to truly believe that you can achieve the goal within this time period. Ninety days is a long enough time frame to create new habits but short enough to continue to be motivated and excited about the goal and committed to doing the work to get there.

If you think the goal is too big then break it down into smaller goals that can be realistically achieved in 90 days. Once you have achieved the first goal, then you start working towards another, and then another ultimately working towards achieving the over-arching goal.

For example, Patti owes $25,000 on her line of credit and $175,000 on a business loan and she would like to be debt-free in six months. It took her longer than six months to get to this point so it may not be a realistic goal to be debt-free in six months. However, if Patti sets a smaller, more achievable goal such as reduced her line of credit balance by 25%, this goal may be more achievable within a 90 day period.

Once she achieves this goal she develops other goals to chip away at the debt level to eventually reach her ultimate goal of being debt free. It might take her a little longer but by setting and achieving smaller goals she is making progress towards achieving the big goal. Also, by seeing the progress she is making she will remain motivated and energized to continue working towards the goal. What smaller goals can you set?

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