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Navigating Self-Care Inside the Generational Sandwich

Your parents are seniors and your children are adults. Is that statement true for you?

If you are part of the generation that is sandwiched between aging parents and adult children, then you probably have a very full plate caring for and worrying about both.

On one hand, how beautiful is it to see the love between your children and their grandparents? Having three generations alive and well in your family is something you probably don’t take for granted. If your adult children have a relationship with your parent(s), that is something you probably feel extra gratitude for. How special to watch the generation that came before you interact with the generation that you raised.

Hopefully you can hang on to the beauty of that as you wrestle through some of the more challenging parts of being in the middle of this generational sandwich. After all, every rose has its thorns, right?

Here are some ways you can support YOURSELF!