Conversational Intelligence

Conversational Intelligence – What’s that?

I am thrilled to be one of a thousand coaches from around the world who have been learning about a fascinating new social science called Conversational Intelligence.

Conversational Intelligence or C-IQ is the brainchild of Judith E. Glaser, a world-renown, master-level executive coach who has coached Fortune 500 companies for the past 40 years.

She is deeply connected to some of today’s leading neuroscience researchers including Rex Jung, PH.D., Angelika Dimoka, Ph. D., Mathew Lieberman, Ph.D., Daniel J. Siegel, MD., and Stephen Porges, Ph.D.

In Conversational Intelligence Judith brings together the best conversation techniques she has learned with what neuroscience is telling us about how the brain works, particularly around how our brains process communication.

This body of work is incredible as its primary purpose is to support individuals to have higher quality conversations to create higher levels of trust, activate higher levels of engagement, strengthen partnerships and catalyze co-creation and innovation in relationships and teams.

C-IQ has been developed using solid neuroscience research which helps us understand what’s going on in our brains when we’re having conversations – do we or others feel fear, close down and move into distrust or do we open up, move to trust and want to connect, partner and co-create.

So what is C-IQ? Have a listen to the founder herself.


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Marielle Gauthier, owner and principal of Redworks Communications, is a Results Certified Coach and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF.)  She works to help clients improve their thinking to facilitate positive change in order to achieve personal and professional goals. She works with leaders, executives, teams and individuals reach their business and personal goals and live their extraordinary lives.