Leader Transition is Risky Lunch and Learn

Leader Transition is Risky Business.

How ready is your organization for the leader transition as the Baby boomer leaders retire? How will the boomer retirements impact your business? What is at risk for your organization? What are you doing to increase the level of a successful leader transition?

Register today for the free Leader Transition Is Risky Business Lunch and Learn – January 27 at 12 noon CST.


Leader Transition is Risky Business

Leader Transition is Risky Business.

Research shows nearly 50% of leadership transitions fail.

Which 50% do you want to be in? Let’s find out.

Register today for the Leader Transition Is Risky Business Lunch and Learn – January 27 at 12 noon CST

Succession Planning For Your Business

The COVID-19 outbreak has shown the importance of having a succession plan in place that accounts for unforeseen events. If your business does not already have one in place, there is no better time to do so than now!

Many small businesses are dependent on the owner, which means being capable of retirement or a career transition requires strategic forethought and action built into the structure of an organization. Having a strategy for developing people who can move up when key employees leave is critical to the long term success of a business.

The trouble is many businesses owners only start thinking about this when they are nearing the transition. Building on-going succession planning into the structure of a business will not only position the business for success when transition approaches, but it will allow the business to grow and attract top talent in the meantime.

When a business has leaders-in-training, the dependence on the owner is minimized so that in the case of leadership transition or unforeseen events, less of the stress rests on a solo individual.

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