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How to Cope with Identity Crisis in Retirement

If your career has become something that you identify with very strongly, then you may face the very real challenge of identity-crisis in retirement.

You may have built up, over the years, a position of power and respect in your vocation or place of work – perhaps you even received public attention for your achievements. If so, moving into retirement may feel like a big letting go of something that defines you. These are big feelings that are valid and important to talk about.

Here are two points of action to get you started in preparing for that transition.

  • Reflect upon your journey – where you started, compared to where you are now. Perhaps you want to write out the story, or tell it to a loved one. Be proud of your journey and notice how it transformed you.
  • Moving forward – consider which aspects of your life’s-work you would like to carry with you into the next phase of your journey, and which aspects you feel content to leave behind. Brainstorm outlets for the aspects you want to carry with you into the next phase. Perhaps you want to organize events in your local community, or volunteer for a non-profit organization, do aid-work abroad, or coach young people in your field of expertise.

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