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How Assumptions Affect Employee Engagement

In the 60s, Douglas McGregor introduced “Theory X” and “Theory Y” to depict the ways in which managers view workers and how they can contribute to or detract from employee performance. Take a moment to see which one you identify with more:

Theory X assumptions

–       Employees are resistant to change.

–       By nature, employees do not like to work.

–       Average employees need formal direction and dislike responsibilities.

–       Employees put job security above personal ambition.

Theory Y assumptions

–       If a job is rewarding and satisfying, employees will become more committed.

–       Employees can be self-motivated and driven to achieve organizational goals.

–       Employees have unique skills and abilities that can be applied to organizational problems

If you find that your own beliefs are more aligned with Theory X assumptions, it might be time to rethink your engagement strategy. Theory X assumptions are widely accepted as negative and your employees are generally able to tell when you feel that way. The sooner you are able to adopt a more positive outlook, the sooner your employees will present their own. 

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