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Is Taking a Vacation Stressful for Your Employees?

Part of managing a team involves keeping track of everyone’s well-being. You cant expect exceptional results in your business if your team is feeling overworked or unable to recharge. 

Taking time for yourself is important, and you need to make sure your team knows you support their right to take time off.

Sometimes, employees get nervous about taking a vacation because they don’t want to appear lazy or disengaged. This can often lead to distractions and in turn, lower productivity. 

If you want to increase employee engagement and give a great impression:

·       Check in with your employees on a monthly or quarterly basis.

·       Make it clear that vacation time doesn’t need to be explained.

·       Offer to come up with a plan for coverage while they’re away.

Questions for leaders

1.     Do you think your current vacation policies need to be adjusted?

2.     How do you ensure your staff is taking the time they are entitled to?

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