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The Impact of Poor Employee Performance on a Team

Whenever you’re thinking about employee engagement, you want to think about individual workers as well as teams. It’s very easy for negative energy to travel throughout the workplace, so understanding how the performance of one employee can affect others is crucial for your engagement strategy.

Three ways poor performance can affect your whole team:

Decrease in productivity: An employee’s attitude will reflect in their productivity and make it harder on the rest of your team. As a result, you might find other workers becoming discouraged. 

Poorer quality of work: Newer employees can end up taking on the poor work ethic of others if that’s what they’re exposed to and see it as acceptable. 

Lower company morale: Teams function better when everyone is motivated and working towards the same goal. 

The elements above can easily have a snowball effect in your workplace. It’s important that you start to intervene as soon as you notice the effects start to take place. 

Question for leaders

How do you handle poor performance in the workplace? 

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