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Understanding the Difference Between Employee Engagement and Job Satisfaction

It’s important to note that employee satisfaction is not the same thing as engagement. Some people might use these terms interchangeably when in reality, satisfaction deals more with a sense of content, and engagement is focused on going above and beyond in one’s position. Someone with job satisfaction is fine with where they are, whereas someone who is engaged feels a sense of urgency to meet and surpass expectations.

What true employee engagement looks like:

–       Emotional connection to work

–       Driven to advance company goals

–       Passionate about the outcome of their efforts

–       Happy to be there because of growth potential

What job satisfaction looks like:

–       Focused on pay and benefits

–       Priority is on job security

–       Not driven by emotional commitment

–       Happy to be there because it meets their basic requirements

Question for leaders

1.     How do you measure the difference between employees that are engaged compared to those who are just satisfied? 

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