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VIP Power Up Your Life Personal Retreat DAY

This exclusive one-on-one powerful and transformative retreat is entirely focused on you. The session is designed to spring board you on a new a path to make your life better and more enjoyable.

The one-day VIP Retreat will include exclusive time with me with the purpose for you to generate insights, create new ideas, and gain clarity about what you want in your life. Whether that is more balance, less stress, a dream job, start your own business, change careers, retire, get more organized, or procrastinate less, you will create goals and an action plan.

You will also get clear on your purpose, vision and the changes you want to make. We will discuss fears, barriers or obstacles that may be getting in the way and methods to help you overcome these so you can move forward with the life you want to live.

Here’s What You’ll Receive

  • 30 minute pre-retreat discovery call
  • 30 minute post-retreat follow-up coaching call
  • Preparation Questionnaire
  • Personal Checklist
  • Pre-coaching assessments
  • 6 hours VIP Retreat Day (either in person or phone/skype) – laser focused personal coaching with Marielle, individual exercises, development and reflection
  • lunch, snacks and beverages


By the end of our day together, you will have:

  • reviewed your values
  • analyzed your strengths
  • identified a goal
  • developed an action plan
  • had an insight or two
  • been listened to and empowered professionally and personally.


Your investment


Special pricing for Christmas – one payment of $599 plus GST. Pay in full today and save $200 off the 2-pay price instantly.




Two Payments –

2 payments of $399.50 + $19.98 GST =  $419.47

Total $838.94 including GST




What People are Saying about Marielle as a Coach

“I was feeling overwhelmed by work and looking to find a) better ways to think about or organize my work, and b) a better work/life balance. Besides being very knowledgeable and well-prepared, Marielle was incredibly supportive and encouraging as I worked through the process. She asked questions that helped me clarify my goals, strategies and tasks, and that also kept me moving forward through sticking points. I learned a great deal about my “real” priorities in life, and developed several tools and processes that I use both at home and at work. I have no hesitation recommending Marielle to others. She’s an excellent Executive Coach.”

Carla Roppel
Executive Director, National Farmers Union


“Like any good coach, Marielle helps you identify your strengths and personal goals and then helps you clearly articulate them. This is an extremely valuable exercise. Personally, the position I started with was a vague feeling of “I want something more, but what is it, and how do I get there?” I ended up with a much clearer vision of my personal goals and values which is now always in the back of my mind when I make career or personal plans.”

Michael Robin
Science Writer


“I would recommend Marielle Gauthier as a business coach. Marielle kept the focus on my priorities to establish my best results. Marielle’s enthusiasm and up-beat approach was supportive and encouraging.”

Kathleen O’Grady
Fashion Designer at grady bleu®


“Marielle is an excellent coach. In a very short space of time she had me focused on my priorities, with a clear path on how to achieve them. I would highly recommend her.”

Nicky Fried
Principal at Nicky Fried Consulting Inc.