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Why Employee Well-Being is Essential to the Future of Your Company

Did you know that only 70% of small businesses in Canada make it to five years? One of the best ways to make a significant impact on the overall health and success of your organization is by focusing on employee retention. The reality is, you save a lot of time and money when you focus on supporting your existing employees, instead of starting at square one with new ones. Not only that, but your business will be stronger when you have staff that also feels invested in the organization. 

If you want to run your business at optimal efficiency, you need employees that also feel driven to achieve your goals. The fastest way to building that bridge between your employees and your goals is through fostering employee well-being.   

These days, mental health and employee well-being are top priorities for HR managers and business owners all over the world. In Canada, the corporate wellness market was valued at USD 2.4 billion in 2021 and is only expected to continue to grow beyond 2022. People are becoming increasingly aware of the ways stress affects our lives—both internally and externally. So, it’s important that those in leadership positions take the time to understand how they can better support employee well-being and contribute to an overall positive environment focused on growth. 

What is employee well-being?

The term employee wellbeing includes everything that can impact the mental and physical health of someone in the workplace. 

This includes but is not limited to:

·       Job satisfaction

·       Workplace culture

·       Work-life balance

You should always welcome feedback from your employees whenever possible. Even if you need to do it anonymously to make people feel more comfortable, it really helps to have a genuine understanding of how everyone feels. You can’t find a solution for a problem if you don’t know it exists, so make sure your staff knows that at the end of the day, it’s all about improving their day-to-day. 

Why does employee well-being matter at work?

Keeping employee wellbeing a priority benefits everyone in the workplace. Management will have a happier and more productive workforce, and employees will be more at ease and feel fulfilled in their work environment.

Advantages of employee well-being

The bottom line is, employee wellbeing helps the organization as a whole just as much as it does the individual. When you spend a little time investing in your employees and how they feel, you can expect to conduct work more efficiently and experience improved relationships across the board.

Some other benefits of employee wellbeing initiatives include:

·       Increased employee engagement

·       Improved company reputation

·       Lowers risk of burnout

·       Feelings of empowerment lead to better productivity

With workplace environments changing, it’s important to make sure that employees feel supported and engaged throughout the workday. When you focus your attention to the well-being of your employees, you’ll start to notice positive changes in their work performance as well. 

At the end of the day, it’s all about maintaining a sense of balance, structure, and providing the feedback and support your employees need. When you focus on employee well-being, you’re going to naturally improve the function of your business.

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