Case Studies

Coaching for Success

“Consulting firm attributes being awarded a $60,000 national contract to ‘Growing for Success’ coaching program. The sessions defined core skills for helping others see culture change as possible; and transforming beliefs and networks to engage on the national and international stage.”

The Client Challenge

The founder and principal of Higher Education and Beyond, was at a pivotal period of change moving from an in-house specialist role to a national consulting approach to the work. With this change came shifts in identity, positioning, and a need to better understand her skills, strengths and how she shines in this new context; and she wanted to better understand how to develop and further connect with her powerbase.

The Results

With focus and determination, the client achieved many powerful and transformative results within four months. The client:

  • was awarded a $60,000 national contract within first few months of launching her business
  • gained clarity:
    • in the areas she excels in as a process specialist and the specific measurable value
    • she brings to others
  • on business goals and a clearer path forward
  • created a vision based on values, strengths, and skills.
  • recognized and leveraged her strong professional network.
  • reframed her thinking around pervasive beliefs with the creation of “counter-scripts” that allowed her to ‘brake’ past limiting beliefs and respond with a new way of thinking to retain her focus.
  • strengthened her confidence in her skills, strengths, and abilities to build and expand her powerbase.
  • identified specific audiences and the consultations or professional development that they might be seeking, leading to shaping what she planned for the coming year.
  • began writing her first book about a change framework she has developed.

The Approach

The coaching engagement consisted of 12 weekly coaching sessions to focus on three specific goals. As a component of the engagement, the client completed two different assessment tools. One provided important insight about the client’s thinking and behavioural traits; and the other helped the client focus on the most important elements of her work and career.

In our inquiry-based coaching sessions, we:

  • Developed a strategic action plan
  • Identified and shifted current challenges and abilities blocking momentum.
  • Embedded accountability into the coaching process to maximize progress by reviewing actions completed; and identifying new actions for implementation.
  • Tracked progress towards the achievement of the goals.

Return on Investment

Client attributed 100% to coaching to the achievement of her goals. In this case, the return on investment for this coaching engagement was 1900%.


“Launching a consulting business challenged me to define the key skills I bring to the field, identify my goals, and build a network all the while resetting assumptions that risked hindering my success. Working with Marielle catalyzed changes that I would have expected to see in years within a few focused months. Her approach leverages the powerful combination of insight into human processing with key tools for identifying what it means to lead, guided coaching techniques, and business knowledge. With her coaching, I shifted my approach, defined what I uniquely offer, and achieved milestones of a major national contract and international connections within the first few months of launching.”

— Carolyn Hoessler, founder of Higher Education and Beyond

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