PowerUP Your Life Coaching Program

PowerUP Your Life Coaching Program

Are you ready to power up your life and make the changes you need to make so that you are excited about living your life?

In this 6-month program, you will work with me to explore your needs and to identify primary and secondary goals you most want to work on. Together, we will co-create a strategy and actions to achieve the goals.

You will receive the tools you need to help you get to your amazing outcome.

A Coaching Package Includes:

  • a 60-minute discovery session to learn more about what you want to accomplish
  • personal and preparation checklists to start our relationship off on the right track
  • specific assessments as required
  • 12 X 60 minute bi-weekly coaching sessions which includes:
    • review assessments
    • set 2-3 primary goals
    • develop strategy
    • hold coaching conversations completely focused on your needs
    • identify actions
    • track progress and make mid-course corrections as required
    • a completion session
    • email access to your Coach
    • 100% confidentiality
  • Option to add the Mental Fitness Bootcamp program with private weekly 30 min check-in calls for first 6 weeks.

For more information, prices or to book a workshop for your organization please contact us.

What my clients are saying…

“Launching a consulting business challenged me to define the key skills I bring to the field, identify my goals, and build a network all the while resetting assumptions that risked hindering my success. Working with Marielle catalyzed changes that I would have expected to see in years within a few focused months. Her approach leverages the powerful combination of insight into human processing with key tools for identifying what it means to lead, guided coaching techniques, and business knowledge. With her coaching, I shifted my approach, defined what I uniquely offer, and achieved milestones of a major national contract and international connections within the first few months of launching.”
– Carolyn Hoessler, founder of Higher Education and Beyond

“Marielle is a coach and a leader in the truest sense of the words. I had the opportunity to grow myself professionally and personally under her coaching, and I felt supported and empowered under her direction. Marielle always had great examples and materials to help demonstrate different coaching concepts to help me reach my goals. She always knew the right questions to ask to get me focused on my growth. Marielle is a fantastic listener and pays attention to all of the small details, so that when reflecting on lessons learned, she can reference where you started and where you ended up. I am a much more confident person now, thanks to Marielle’s coaching and I would happily recommend her to all of my friends and colleagues.”
– Andrea Lauder, Communications Manager at Saskatchewan Pulse Growers