Active Listening

Active Listening

Active listening is vital to healthy communication.

Healthy communication also drives employee engagement and positive business outcomes including innovation, productivity and profitability.

When people know they will be heard, they are more apt to trust you, to share their ideas, co-create, partner and provide you with honest feedback.

In a 2015 Interact/Harris Poll, of the 1,000 US workers surveyed, the study revealed that 91 percent of employees identified “communication issues” with their bosses as a pain point.

Another survey found that the #2 complaint by the employees was that the leader doesn’t listen so they are not feeling heard.

Without effectively listening, people make assumptions, there will be misunderstandings, mistakes will be made, relationships will be damaged, deadlines missed, productivity decreased, work load increases, and costs increase impacting the organization’s bottom line. 

In this half-day workshop participants will have the opportunity to

  • discover their strengths as an active listener and areas to strengthen  
  • understand what active listening is and the role it plays in communication
  • explore why active listening is an important trait to have as part of skill set
  • understand the impact of active listening on self, others and team communication
  • recognize the barriers and bad habits to effective listening
  • learn simple practices to increase active listening skills
  • apply and demonstrate active listening
  • make action commitments

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