Media Boot Camp

Media Boot Camp

Learning to Manage the Media Interview

Increase the confidence and skill level of spokespersons for an organization and help them understand how to plan and prepare to give a media interview.

Are you in a job or position that requires you to give media interviews? If yes, how do you handle that request? Do you blanche, break out into a sweat or go weak in the knees at the thought of giving a media interview? Do you avoid the reporter’s phone calls or refuse to return their calls? Do you call in sick or use other excuses the day of the media interview just to avoid it?

Do you perhaps have fears such as being misrepresented; not knowing who the reporter is; not sure of their angle or focus; not having the questions ahead of time; or perhaps the fear you won’t know what to say or how to say if effectively.

What would you think if you knew that by planning and preparing for the media interview you lessen the unknowns? In fact, by being prepared you will convey your key messages, evidence, anecdotes and sound bites with confidence accurately telling your organization’s story. Your boss and colleagues will probably even notice what a great job you did and who knows, you might even get a raise!

Tell your organization’s story with confidence and be more in control
of the media interview.

  • Transform your confidence level as a media spokesperson
  • Receive strategies, step-by-step actions, tools, templates, examples, tip sheets
  • Practice your interviewing skills

Who is this for?

Potential and designated spokespersons.

Participants will learn

In this training program, participants will learn:

  • Principles of media interviews
  • Understand the basics of how to manage a media interview
  • Understand the steps to prepare for a message-driven interview
  • Identify and understand key audiences
  • Develop main and supporting key messages to tell the organization’s story
  • Discover the Media Interview Response Model
  • Understand various types of interview questions
  • Explore the do’s and don’ts of being interviewed
  • Practice mock interviews

Through a combination of trainer-led individual and group activities, discussions, and a series of critiqued simulated interviews, participants will have the tools to manage the media interview.

The training will focus on specific individual and / or corporate issues and media challenges.

Media training can be delivered for one-on-one training (half day) or for groups of up to six participants (full day). This training is also available on-line.

Course Materials

An intake survey, a pre-session self-assessment; pre and post tests; a participant manual including planning tools, templates, tip sheets, and evaluation forms.

About Coach Marielle

Marielle Gauthier, owner and principal of Redworks Communications, is an accredited business communicator with 20+ years of experience in strategic communications planning, public relations, and media relations.


Participants have identified the following benefits of learning to manage the media interview:

  • increased self-confidence
  • decreased stress level
  • better able to prepare for media inquiries
  • learn new skills in the role of spokesperson
  • better understanding of who they need to communicate with and what is the call to action
  • develop ability to build spokesperson’s credibility
  • develop a unique set of highly sought after skills

Organizational Benefits

There is the potential to:

  • increase the company’s visibility
  • build and maintain the company’s reputation
  • increase client base and sales

For more information, prices or to book a workshop for your organization please contact us.

What my clients are saying…

“The training was extremely helpful, primarily in knowing “what to expect”  and also in just feeling more confident to be involved in giving an interview.  The ability to properly and professionally represent our product and our  company was invaluable. It was akin to having the curtain raised and being  allowed to see “back stage.” Many  thanks from me and my staff to Marielle for providing us all with some peace of  mind when we are asked those tough questions!”  
– Dennis Birtles, Business Owner, Evident: Corporate Investigations & Security Consulting

“Marielle is a polished professional speaker and her “Stop Sweating the Media Interview” webinar is full of practical helpful advice for effectively getting your message across in the media.  Marielle is a pleasure to work with.  She is smart, organized, dedicated and responsive, and I highly recommend her work.” 
– Margie King, Holistic Health Coach

‘Marielle provides a jam-packed hour of content in her free webinar. I can tell that her Media Boot Camp program will help a lot with removing the stress I associate with doing media interviews. She also helped me see the value in using the media to grow my business and share my unique message.”
– Anne Barton, Certified VA for The Coaches Console

Marielle demonstrates both knowledge and experience in an area many are uncomfortable with. She is easy to learn from.”
Laurie Strother, Laurie Strother and Associates