How to Transcend Crisis-Mode With Positive Self-Talk

Do you find you’re inside of your brain a lot during these trying times? Fears can create negative-self talk and that very quickly becomes a downward spiral that won’t take you anywhere helpful.

When fears start creeping in and you find your mind being overcome with doom-and-gloom, it’s time to take back the reins!

Start by naming the emotion. What do you feel? Is it fear, anxiety, or panic? Do you feel like crying?

Next, place it. Where do you feel it in your body? Get really specific in observing the physical sensation.

Notice your surroundings. What do you see around you? Feel your feet on the ground. What are you connected to?

Once you are present and grounded think about the thought that started your spiral. Now think of how you can reframe it toward the positive. For example if you have the thought: ‘I’m going to get sick’ — reframe it by saying to yourself, ‘I am going to do everything in my power to stay healthy’.

Choose your thoughts by backtracking and reframing them for positive self-talk that will feed a healthy mindset!

For more information or coaching on how to turn negative self-talk into positive-self talk send me a message!