‘Most Common Fears About Retirement’ Series

Are you one of the 400,000 Canadians who will be retiring in this year? Are you 2 – 3 years away from retirement but have many fears about your retirement or retirement in general? If you do don’t worry you are not alone!

Retirement is commonly an emotional time. Whether it’s missing the ‘comfort’ of a schedule, loss of structure and routine, dealing with the loss of work relationships, or losing a sense of purpose, it’s common for people adjusting to retirement to experience a range of worries and fears.

The impact of the non-financial issues like social and psychological factors plays a HUGE role in a successful retirement.

In fact, research has shown that almost half of people entering retirement struggle with the transition into a post-career life.

For many people who don’t plan or manage the transition well, the consequences can be significant including boredom, inactivity, isolation, depression, and even addictions.

But it’s not all doom and gloom – you can decrease your feelings of overwhelm, fears, concerns, and apprehension about retirement by working on preparing yourself psychologically.

In this ‘Most Common Fears About Retirement’ blog series we will look at the fears people have and a few tips for consideration on how to overcome those fears.

Fears can be debilitating as they can stop us from achieving our dreams and doing the things we want to do. So, don’t let your fears stop you from living the life you want.

Identify, understand and take action to overcome your fears. These are important steps in preparing yourself psychologically for your retirement.

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Marielle Gauthier, owner and principal of Redworks Communications, is a certified Results coach; an Associate Certified Coach (ACC); and a Conversational Intelligence Coach, and an Accredited Business Communicator (ABC).

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She is based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.