Structure in our lives

Having a daily rhythm to add structure to our lives is healthy and reassuring for us, even under usual life circumstances. Throw in the global upheaval that currently has most of us living without the routines that normally add structure to our life, and we find ourselves, now more than ever, needing to create those rhythms from scratch ourselves.

How can you create a daily or weekly rhythm that nourishes you? Start by making a list of activities that you find nourishing. This could be yoga, meditation, writing, going for a walk, or calling a friend.

Next map out your day in sections of morning, afternoon and evening, divided up by mealtimes. Choose which activities you want to do at which time of the day and put them in their appropriate sections. Create space around mealtimes for food prep – preparing healthy meals from scratch and taking the time to enjoy them is one of the most nourishing things you can do.

Next, create a similar flow with your weekly schedule – perhaps keeping a more structured routine for the weekdays and being open to loosening it for the weekends. What is the big picture of what you are hoping to attain?

At a time when there are many unknowns, and your days are spent at home without external structures to add purpose and meaning, upholding daily and weekly rhythms that you create yourself is more important than ever! ?

What activities are you finding most nourishing these days? Let’s share some inspiration in the comments