A Coaching Journey – Pt. 4

I was reviewing my notes and prepping for my Strategy session with Marielle when I noticed that all three of my primary goals, and even my secondary goal, had a common roadblock that was preventing my moving forward. And that roadblock (or, rather, “a brick wall”) was procrastination. Marielle would call this “an insight”. And, indeed, it was.

I discovered that I am a world-class procrastinator, and that I have been letting it get in the way of my success in many areas of my life. So my strategy for the Strategy session was to start with Goal #2 because it specifically mentions procrastination in my “shined goal”.

It was the right choice, but easier said than done. The tendency, of course, is to want to smash down that wall and to act with full force…but, wait a minute: Action is later. Strategy is meant to lend structure to that strategy so it becomes a sustainable entity. It also isn’t supposed to cross over into the other goals. So I cooled down and struggled with the rules and the structure required for Goal #2. I wanted to cross over, but Marielle gently, yet firmly guided me through the task at hand.

I guess that’s what coaching is, and why it is one-on-one or small group rather than a larger group lecture. The hard work lays the new foundation so that, when I am truly ready to knock down that wall, I won’t fall under the weight of the bricks.

So, after finally setting a seven-point strategic structure, I was finally ready for Strategy #8 – to celebrate!

I do have homework – to discover in writing how I got to where I am in the first place – but I am celebrating moving forward with my goals in 2015. And I am looking forward to setting Strategies for my other goals. Hopefully, the next go-‘round will be easier.




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The above entry is part of a guest blog series titled “A Coaching Journey” written by my friend, client, and talented writer, Linda Epstein. She has graciously agreed to write on her experience with the coaching process as she navigates it, to give a first-hand view of what the journey is like. Visit weekly to find out more!


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