Brain Science and Insight

Brain Science


Brain Science – What is it?

Coaching is about supporting individuals to make positive, lasting changes in their lives. A Results Certified Coach (RCC) uses on social neuroscience or ‘brain science,’ as the foundation for coaching so we coach with the ‘brain in mind.’
Using a brain science platform means that Redworks Coaching supports individuals answer their own questions and find their own solutions. We let them do the thinking while coaching them on how to change that thinking. In short, the person goes on his or her own ‘self-directed’ learning journey.
David Rock, founder of Results Coaching Systems, says that the individual on a self-directed learning journey, “will learn, think, invent, create, solve problems, visualize, rethink and re-engineer,” and that, “as coaches, our aim is to support coachees to think better by letting them do the thinking and helping them to think.” This all happens within the process of making their own changes.

What is the Process?

Have you ever heard, ‘this is what I think you should do?” Were they right? While their heart is in the right place, advice from well-intentioned people isn’t always the best path for you to take. This is because everyone’s brain processes information differently. What one person thinks someone should do is often just what their brain would do. This will most likely not be the right solution for another person.

The Redworks Approach

Redworks Coaching focuses on improving the quality of a person’s thinking. Rock states, “if we want to improve the quality of others’ thinking, our best option is to help them process ideas better: things like helping people make their ideas more clear, or find relationships between concepts or prioritising their thoughts.”
Redworks’ role is to facilitate a conversation with the intention to help a person have an insight or an ‘aha’ about themselves. This may include discoveries about their beliefs, attitudes, behaviours or abilities.

What Are Insights?

Insights create new neural connections in the person’s brain, releasing energy that fills them with a desire to take action for change. Insights are the Holy Grail of personal growth because they allow a person to gain a deeper understanding of themselves. These insights often come in the form of clarity around long held beliefs or behaviours that may have been limiting them from the life they want. By having these insights, this helps the person find their own answers and solutions which leads to long-lasting change.