Positive Change Through Improved Thinking


Positive Change Through Improved Thinking

Through the study of brain science, we know that our “neural pathways,” or the way we think about things are firmly established. That’s why it’s easier to create a new habit than it is to stop an old habit. So to create positive change in your life, you may have to change how you think or build new neural pathways in order to do things differently.
Results Coaching Systems has developed a brain-based approach to improve thinking to create positive change. This approach draws from many different fields including brain science, positive psychology, change theory, and learning theory. It helps us understand why the brain has trouble making changes, and how to create new habits to make these changes possible.
At Redworks Coaching, we have a strong focus on supporting you to make positive changes by improving your thinking. Change requires ongoing attention and focus, a determined willingness to achieve the change and significant effort.

Redworks’ Approach to Coaching

The Redworks approach is to have facilitated conversations with you to find out what your current reality is and what future reality you want. Based on what you want to change, this can include working with any number of different types of goals such as:

• Workplace
• Creative
• Health
• Personal, business
• Financial
• Career
• Relationship
• Community goals.

Once you have identified your goals, Redworks then support you to create strategies and set actions to make concrete, meaningful and long-term change.
Woven throughout the coaching is the focus on your thinking. The goal of focused thinking supports you to create a new mindset about yourself, your life and your capabilities for change. The final goal is to facilitate insights about your beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and abilities; and to create better habits that will support your new goals to get results.