Keeping up can be exhausting

Do you notice that people go faaaaast! Too fast? “Keeping up” can be exhausting.

Slowing down can also be hard for those of us who have been working hard all our lives.

How do we put the breaks on the train without causing too much tension?

It’s going to take effort to change the expectations you have of yourself to “produce” as much or “get it all done today”.

Now more than ever, it’s time to let go of those old ideas that don’t serve you anymore. Why not challenge yourself to:

– Have more slow days
– Stop making unrealistic deadlines for yourself
– Sit down in a cafe and have a coffee instead of taking it to go
– Allow yourself a sleep-in
– Do your chores at a slower pace
– Breathe

Ease into the new paradigm: Plan to let people go around you, you’re retired 😉

What do you do to take it slower?